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Making Wing Bone Turkey Calls

For a single wing bone call

Get your wing bones out before or after turkey is cooked. I boil mine around 20 minutes if not cooked around 5 minutes if cooked boiling helps to loosen up the bone marrow.

Take the smaller diameter bone from the second wing section disconnect it from the joints and cut off the end joints. Then hollow out the marrow with a small diameter wire. To make call work suck air through the bone with the flat end in your mouth.

For a double wing bone
Do same as above only use both the upper and lower bones insert the more rounded end into the smallest end off the bigger bone smear some wood glue or caulking where the two are connected to make an air tight seal.

For a triple wing bone
Do the same as above and insert the double into the small end of the third wing section. Then glue or caulk.

These calls will work great in both spring and fall hunting situations.